Asset Management

Asset Management, GIS, Pavement Management, and Software/Database Development

Asset Management
KCA provides traffic sign retroreflectivity services including sign inventories and evaluations working with FDOT and local governments. We have inventoried and evaluated existing traffic signs, assigned condition codes, and identified signs for replacement for more than 120,000 traffic signs.
KCA performs Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI) services that gather information on 28 unique features and 118 attributes. On average, a total of 100 data entries are recorded per mile of rural roadway and more than 300 data entries per mile on urban roadway sections.
KCA provides a full range of GIS services, including map and presentation material creation and research and analysis of spatial data, to incorporate into documents and reports. Our staff can also train users in GIS (including ArcMap, ArcGIS Explorer, ArcPad, and Terrasync), convert data to MicroStation and AutoCAD standard formats, convert and work with LiDAR data, and develop and maintain custom GIS-based software applications.
Pavement Management
Pavement management inspection and planning have been cornerstone services provided to KCA clients since 1984. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers, technicians, and construction personnel provide high-quality pavement and sign management services ranging from project-level design to network-level planning. With a great deal of experience evaluating and designing repair options, preparing specifications and bid documents, and performing CEI, our team of professionals know roadway assets. By providing services from design through construction and post-construction evaluation, KCA provides our clients with a unique combination of expertise not often found in many consulting firms.
Software/Database Development
KCA has developed and copyrighted custom software applications using Visual Studio, MS Access, ESRI ArcEngine, and ArcPad. Most of the applications created connect databases and GIS maps. KCA also has experience creating software that interfaces with hardware devices including laser rutbars and other vehicle-mounted sensors. KCA has also created several mobile applications using ESRI ArcPad, including one for guardrail and sign collection. Each allows the inspector to take photos and record distresses easily using the Trimble GeoExplorer 6000.
Custom reports are some of the most valuable software products created for our clients. KCA often combines data from multiple sources into one report. For example, KCA created a custom work order report for Hillsborough County for stop sign replacement. The report included data from several sources such as detailed information about the sign, distress, and even a location map. These reports can also contain photos as well as maps. Photos can be taken with a camera out in the field or pulled from the Google Street View API, using KCA’s custom software.
KCA has created countless databases for both internal and external clients. KCA understands the importance of database integrity by enforcing attribute domains, subtypes, and relationships. Also the importance of maintaining spatial and attribute indexes to keep performance up. KCA has experience migrating data from legacy databases to newer schemas.