Stormwater Design

KCA’s professionals have a wide variety of experience including the design and preparation of surface drainage plans, stormwater management, sediment and erosion control plans, scour evaluations, bridge hydraulics, drainage problem investigations, and permitting. Our key personnel’s past experience also includes hydrologic and hydraulic designs and studies.


    –Stormwater management facilities design
  • Off-site ponds
  • Linear ponds
  • Underground storage vault
  • French drain
  • Ponds with liner
  • –Bridge hydraulic report
  • Tidal crossings
  • Riverine (freshwater crossing)
  • Regulated floodways requiring No-Rise
  • Regulated floodways requiring CLOMR
  • –Flooding investigations
    –Scour evaluations
    –Drainage studies
    –Floodplain analysis

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