Traffic Engineering & Planning

KCA’s Traffic Department includes experienced professional traffic operations engineers and planners who provide safer and innovative solutions to congested and substandard intersections, roads, and networks. Our traffic services range from small-business traffic impact studies, to corridor studies, to full-scale interchange traffic analyses and modeling. Our traffic team has the in-depth experience and resources to present many traffic and planning services to both governmental and private clients.

We prepared numerous transportation/traffic studies and PD&E studies for FDOT and other local authorities. Typical traffic studies include trip generation, trip distribution, level-of-service (LOS)/capacity analyses of signalized intersections and arterials, freeway merge, diverge, and weaving analyses along with the associated recommendations for the improvements necessary to meet design criteria. In addition, our team has prepared hundreds of traffic plans including signing and pavement markings (S&PM), signal, lighting, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) plans.

Our traffic engineers and planners have built a strong foundation to deliver comprehensive traffic analyses and solutions. We have solid capabilities in most of the major traffic modeling/analysis and roadway software packages including CORSIM, Synchro/Sim-Traffic, and HCS7. We maintain a high level of client satisfaction, a high rate of repeat clients, and high performance grades from clients. We constantly work to create new approaches and innovative solutions to meet clients’ technical, operational, and financial goals.


  • Traffic Analysis & Modeling
  • Corridor Analysis
  • Interchange Analysis
  • Intersection Improvement Studies
  • Land Use Analysis
  • Roundabout Analysis
  • Signal Timing Optimization/Corridor Timing
  • Traffic Circulation Studies
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Traffic Design & Projection
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Traffic Operations Analysis
  • Traffic Safety
  • Traffic Simulation & Modeling
  • Transportation Planning
  • Traffic Plans
  • ITS
  • Roadway Lighting Design
  • Signalization Design
  • S&PM